Predictably, Exxon’s pledge Monday to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions was panned as underwhelming and meaningless. By unveiling comparatively feeble targets, the big oil giant looked a day late and a dollar short. So, why bother with all the fancy graphics and hopeful language?

Companies across America today face one of the most difficult challenges in business: telling thousands of employees that they no longer have work.

At a national level, waves of pandemic-driven layoffs are adding up to an economic catastrophe. At a human level, however, every employee takes the news as a…

Late last week, Elizabeth Warren sent the private equity industry diving for cover. The Senator from Massachusetts and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, led a battalion of allies in the Senate and House, including her party rival, Bernie Sanders, in a broadside attack on PE tax benefits.

In a…

Communications Strategies for Banks and Fintechs

For the financial services industry, Facebook’s new crypto currency, Libra, is yet another warning that digital technology is chipping away at the foundation of traditional business models.

Given the proposition that crypto currencies can supplant sovereign money, bankers and consumer fintech companies are backed into a corner. Regulated institutions, at…

Pen Pendleton

PR Consultant

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